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Want to sell your CS items for real money, but Steam doesn’t allow you to withdraw currency? You can sell CSGO skins for PayPal money. The CSGOBettings team is experienced in assessing gambling and betting sites. We’ve used our knowledge to find the best platforms where you may trade CSGO skins for PayPal.

H1Z1 (

Operating for several years now and having a track record of over 10,000,000 trades, H1Z1 is a trusted platform to sell CSGO skins PayPal. You may do it through an instant-sell feature. It allows you to sell your items (via BTC, ETH, TRN, LTC, ERC-20, and SEPA Transfer) with the least steps, requiring you to log into the site and select skins for sale.

csgo skins into paypal

On top of selling, H1Z1 allows trading items. You can exchange any items from your inventory or cash for items from the H1Z1 pool. The site makes finding a desired item faster via filters. You can adjust an item type, its colors, exterior, collection, and modifiers (StatTrak, stickers, souvenir, or nametag).

sell csgo skins paypal

To examine desired skins even closer, you can use a Wiki. It’s an H1Z1 section where you find an item’s price, pro players who use it, designer, popularity, collection, case, etc.

sell cs skins for paypal

Now, to the highest-rated site to sell your CSGO skins for PayPal. has over 14,500 Trustpilot reviews, with a stunning average rating of 4.8. Why is the rating so high?

Based on our testing, it’s because of simplicity. You can log into it via Steam, input your skins into the platform, and post them for sale immediately.

sell csgo skins for paypal also allows you to buy/trade items. You may choose them from over 800,000 skins from the pool. The site’s welcome offer gives you an extra $5 on your first deposit.

sell CSGO skins for PayPal

One of the unique site’s features is a Giveaway. For each $1 spent on the site, you receive a ticket, which increases your chances of winning a specific item. It’s almost gambling, so might suit folks looking for CSGO betting real money or CSGO crypto gambling.


At Skins.Cash, over 4.7M users have sold more than 57,000,000 items. It’s easy, and you can also do it. All the site asks is that you log into your Steam account and upload items you want to sell.

cs2 skins to paypal

Besides an option to sell CS2 skins for PayPal, Skins.Cash also allows you to buy skins from its pool. Before making a purchase, you can learn the prices and conditions of the items.

sell CS2 skins for PayPal

A cool part about Skins.Cash is its free giveaway. To participate in it, you must accomplish easy tasks like subscribing to the Skins.Cash Twitter account.

sell csgo skins instantly paypal


Starting in 2015, Bitskins has been a Steam-powered platform for selling and purchasing skins for cash. To sell CSGO skins instantly PayPal, you must log into the Bitskins via Steam, enter your trade URL, and post items for sale.

sell your csgo skins for paypal

The site is even better for purchasing skins. It allows you to track the items’ prices and conditions. Additionally, it presents you with a 3D model of each skin so you can examine it better before purchasing.

sell cs2 skins paypal

The site’s filters demand a separate mention. Basic ones sort items into quality, category, etc. However, advanced filters allow you to search items based on their fade, stickers, phase, collection, tier, name tag, and paint seed.

sell skins for paypal

Step-By-Step Guide On Selling CS Items Via PayPal

It’s easy to transfer CS2 skins to PayPal once you know the methodology. This guide will help with that:

  1. Pick a site. Based on our experience, it’s easy to pick a site once you examine its main features (payment methods, support, how you can sell, etc.);
  2. Log into the site with your Steam and confirm it via your Steam-attached email;where to sell CSGO skins for PayPal
  3. Set trade URL. To do it, go into your Steam settings, copy your trade URL and input it in the site’s settings;Selling CS Items Via PayPal
  4. Open a “Sell” tab and select items you want to sell;trade csgo skins for paypal

Once the items are posted, you wait. If your item’s price is below average, you’ll find a buyer quickly. However, it may reduce your profit, so we recommend sticking to the average price and waiting a bit longer.

When the item is sold, the cash will go to your site’s balance. If you want to withdraw it go to the site’s withdrawal page, choose a suitable method, and follow the instructions.

How Secure Is Selling CS Items Via PayPal?

It depends on the site you use. For instance, we’ve examined all 4 cash out CSGO skins for PayPal sites presented to you. They have several security indicators.

First of all, they have been in the market for several years. You can learn that from the site’s “About us” sections and review pages like Trustpilot. Reading those is very important. They also highlight sites’ security issues so you know what to expect.

Finally, it’s worth checking the site’s registration information. If the platform is transparent about it, it’s ready to face legal consequences for its actions. Based on our testing, these 3 elements facilitate security in any CS sites, whether they be low CSGO betting sites, item-selling sites, or casinos.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
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