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Do you have irrelevant CS skins? Yes, those skins that stay in your inventory for months without being used. Make value out of them!

By using skin trading sites, you can exchange any skin on the desired item with other players. Let’s see how it works.

How to Trade CS:GO Skins?

Even if you’ve never traded skins online, you can do it in several minutes:

  1. Pick a trading site;
  2. Create an account. Click “Sign In” and use your Steam account to authorize;

CS2 Trading Sites

3. Turn your profile and inventory public. You can do it in privacy setting in your account;

Best CS2 Trading Sites

4. Go to the site’s “Trade” or upgrade section;

CSGO Trading Sites

5. Choose the skins you want to trade and receive, and swap.

Top CS:GO Skins Trading Sites

Top CS:GO Skins Trading Sites

It’s difficult to find a person who is willing to trade items you need casually. It requires particular sites. Let’s look at the best CS:GO trading sites where you can find and post trade offers.


The first of the best CSGO bot trading sites offers “Upgrade” instead of “Trade.” They’re similar. Upgrading allows you to trade more skins for a single one worth their price.

But there’s a trick. RustMagic upgrades your items with a certain chance. It differs based on the price gap between your skins and the skin you want. The bigger it is, the lesser the trade chance is.

Introduction of chance, questions the site’s fairness. To prove to its clients the site isn’t rigged, RustMagic has a “Fairness” tab. It presents you with seeds and hashes you can use to ensure the site generates unique outcomes for each upgrade.

Top CS:GO Skins Trading Site

At RustMagic, traded items are stored online. At any moment, you can send them to your Steam account or trade them into coins, unlocking other site’s functions. They include case battles, magic wheel, mines, flipper, and case opening.


The next of the skin trading websites from this list is more traditional. At, you just choose the items you want to trade and the items you want. However, there’s one cool feature. exposes its skin pool even before you sign up. Therefore, you can open the site and check what items you can get from it before committing. If there’s nothing good, you go to another site.

But don’t rush it. is full of other features you may like. It allows you to sell your CS items for BTC, SEPA, ETH, ERC-20, TRN, and LTC. You can also use these coins to buy items. In the site’s market, you’ll find an M9 Bayonet Lore, AK – 47 Wild Lotus, Amphibious Gloves, and many other items unavailable in the Steam market.

Try Tradeit  allows you to adjust the price, type (gloves, knife, rifle, etc.), exterior, colors, rarity, and even the float of the desired item.

CS:GO Skins Trading Site

Tradeit also has some of the most convenient interfaces among all CSGO trade sites. One of its benefits is the items’ availability. You can check how many copies of a specific item are available for trading.

At Tradeit, you may trade not only CS skins. Unlike other skin trading sites, it allows you to trade CS cards. Based on our testing, it’s an amazing feature, as any active CS player accumulates tens of these cards over the years.

In addition, Tradeit accepts items from other games. So, if you have a couple of spare skins from Team Fortress 2 or Rust, you can get rid of them by selling them to Tradeit. It gives you several bucks to purchase new CS skins.

Trade CS2 Skins


This platform doesn’t have a “Trade” function like CSGO trading sites. At Skins.Cash, you buy items. Before that, you must deposit or sell your CS items.

trading CS2 skins

At first, it might seem like a boring and irrelevant process compared to other sites. However, it has several benefits. The biggest one is that you can deposit a missing sum into Skins.Cash to buy a desired item.

It’s more difficult with classic trading sites. You’d have to buy an item at a price you lack to get a desired item and then trade it.

So, how to deposit into Skins.Cash? The site accepts Visa, Payoneer, and cryptos, like BTC, LTC, ETH TRC-20, and TRON. Based on our experience, cryptos is the best pick. They win a competition thanks to their instant processing time and fees below 1%.


The final of our CS2 trading sites works similarly to Skins.Cash. At LootBear, you also sell and buy items. Therefore, it’s an advantage that allows you to get enough money for items via crypto/fiat deposits.

Best CSGO Trading Sites

Another cool LootBear feature is filters. You may sort items by type, exterior, StatTrak, and price range. Want to inspect a desired item further? Right-click it to instantly open its Steam market page.

The biggest advantage of LootBear, besides trading, is “Rent.” A $24.99 monthly subscription allows you to rent expensive items for days or weeks of playing with them. You can also trade these items. So, if your M4A1 Asiimov tires you, replace it with a Hyper Beast or any other skin you like.

CS Trading Sites

How We Ranked the Best Trading Sites

It wasn’t easy to find these CS2 trade sites. However, thanks to our assessment strategy, it was much quicker than it could be. We essentially checked the sites’:

  • Security;
  • Layout simplicity;
  • Features;
  • Bonuses (if possible in the site’s context);
  • Payment tools;

According to our experience, these are the primary criteria of CS trading sites. All our presented sites have them.


Relying on our experience, finding the best skin trading sites is often a struggle. Not anymore. Now you have 5 of the best trading sites in your arsenal. Now, only find your favorite (consider their features) and start turning your irrelevant skins into the items you’ll use.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
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