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Skin and Case Opening CS:GO Websites
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What do you think about the classic CS case opening? According to the popularity of the CS2 case-opening sites, very few people open cases in CSGO now. Why?

The best CSGO case opening sites are full of unique cases and free cash bonuses, which makes the process more fun and cheaper. Read on to find 5 leading case-opening sites.

The Best CS2 (CSGO) Case Opening Sites

There are thousands of case-opening sites in 2024 – just a few of them are good. We found them. Here’s a list of 5 best case-opening sites.


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Our CSGO case opening sites start with a site where you can open free cases. CSGOEmpire enables that via promo codes. For instance, once you redeem a “csgobettins” coupon, you receive a free case.

CSGO case opening sites

It gives you a random item. You can keep it in your inventory, send it to Steam, or transfer it into coins. The last option is best. With coins, you can already access the other cheap CSGOEmpire cases. These are:

  • Artemis – 0.28c;
  • Crimson Terror – 0.47c;
  • Boris and Hobbes – 0.77c;
  • Road Rush – 0.99c;
  • Wildfire – 1.31c.

Of course, cheap boxes aren’t best for profit. The most expensive items inside these boxes cost only 90 dollars. If you are looking for a bigger fish, you should consider top-tier cases like:

  • Dark Knight (297c) – AWP Dragon Lore, M4A4 Howl (Statrak), Talon Knife Doppler – Black Pearl, M4A1-S Knight;
  • Mother Nature (408c) – Sport Gloves Hedge Maze, AK-47 Wild Lotus, Bayonet Gamma Doppler – Emerald, Flip Knife Gamma Doppler – Emerald;
  • Moonshot (582c) – Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box, Team (Holo) Sticker, AWP Gungnir, AWP Medusa.

And if you know how these skins look, you should recognize their similar styles. CSGOEmpire sorts items based on their visuals.

On top of plain box opening, CSGOEmpire conducts case battles. They are available in team battles (2v2 and 1v1) and share battles (1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1).


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Based on our research, CSGOFast hasn’t always been among the classic CSGO case sites. It featured CS casino games. Now, the site has case battles and many boxes.

CSGO case sites

The coolest part about CSGOFast is that its cases are divided into types based on their skin styles and drop chances. Let’s look:

  • CS2 Cases – 12 boxes added for the celebration of CS2 release;
  • Seasons – 16 boxes with items corresponding to Winter and Autumn aesthetics;
  • Lucky Time – 17 boxes with a chance to hit an expensive skin for a low price.

Unlike other CSGO box sites, CSGOFast exposes item drop chances. Therefore, it’s easier to assess your potential profit and pick a proper box.

As we’ve said, CSGOFast wasn’t initially among CSGO case websites but was a gambling site. It’s still full of casino games, such as crash, slots, baccarat, hi-lo, double, etc. They share a budget with cases. Thus, you can get a few expensive skins, turn them into currency, and rest from case opening at casino games.


Promo code “CSGOBETTINGS70”

Now, back to free boxes. Bloodycase, one of the best CSGO case opening sites, is ready to give you 5 of them. The only thing you must do to claim them is to log into your Steam account.

Being one of the best CSGO gambling websites, Bloodycase gifts free boxes to all its customers daily. Indeed, they won’t give you crazy profit. Still, you might receive an uncommon skin or cash to contribute to your balance.

Another Bloodycase feature is Dragon Cases. They have 10 levels, and to get one, you must deposit within a day of not receiving a case. The level of your case (1 – 10) depends on your experience. You gain it by depositing and opening cases.

CSGO box sites

You also earn experience for case battles. You can adjust their player number from 2 to 5 and set different box values. Team and share modes are available, too.


Promo code “csgobettings”

Another of the best CSGO box opening sites with bonuses is CSGORoll. They start with promo codes. Similarly to CSGOEmpire, you may use a “csgobettings” coupon to claim your first free box.

CS2 case opening sites

The next one will arrive from the Daily Free Cases promo. On top of that, you may loot several free boxes during events like Christmas or Easter. The last one is ongoing while we’re writing this.

During the Easter, CSGRoll hides golden eggs in chat, streams, cases, etc. Collect them. Each egg entails a monetary reward, a free case, or another bonus.

Any free case will reward you with currency. A classic way case openers spend it is for opening even more boxes, which are:

  • Permafrost – 3 common items, 6 knives, AWP Asiimov, and other pricey items inside. It’s called in the name of its rarest drop Bayonet Sapphire;
  • Boulder – 9 knives and expensive Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box;
  • Blur – 2 common items and 2 knives, AK – 48 Fire Serpent, and other skins.

You may open these and other CSGORoll cases in a PvP mode. What is good about it is when you create or join a battle, you see its accepted boxes. You can also spectate others’ battles.


Promo code “csgobettings”

That’s one of our favourite CS2 case opening sites due to its list of features. It starts with boxes.

best CSGO case opening sites

At Farmskins, you can open the following boxes:

  • Legacy – original boxes from CS;
  • Item-specific – boxes that compile the coolest skins for AK-47, M4A1, AWP, etc.;
  • Rarity-specific – boxes with items of specific rarity: Mil-Spec, Restricted, Classified, Covert, etc.;
  • Battle – boxes with items corresponding stylistically to Dust 2, Train, Inferno, etc.

They are available in classic opening mode or battles. They’re available only in teams (1v1/2×2).

You can transform any Farskins item via:

  • Upgrade – trade several skins into a worth their value. Upgrades differ from contracts as they allow you to pick an item you want;
  • Skin Changer – trade your irrelevant Farmskins items into better ones through changer.

Farmskins actions reward give you bullets. It’s a Gaben’s Store (premium shop) currency, which you can use to buy items or more boxes. Bullets also apply to giveaways.

To participate in them, you must deposit the required number of bullets. However, some giveaways are joined via depositing.

How Do We Rank the Best CS2 Case Opening Sites?

For many, it seems that finding good case-opening sites is random. It’s true if you do have a tactic. But we’ve been reviewing CSGO sites for years, and here’s what we look in them:

  • Security – licenses and encryption;
  • Activity Assortment – number of cases, unique opening modes, etc.;
  • Bonuses – lucrative welcome offers, daily cases, bonus shops, etc.;
  • Support – support responsiveness is via chat, email, and voice channels.

We rate these criteria. If the grade is good for each of them, we consider a site well enough.

Tips for Using CS2 (CSGO) Case Opening Sites

Based on our experience, incorporating the following techniques will drastically improve your case-opening experience:

  • Set a budget. Determine the sum you can spend on wagering weekly and stretch it out through this period;
  • Stay cold-headed. Be ready that you won’t always get what you want from the case. Then, don’t chase losses to avoid wasting money;
  • Track Bonuses. Pay attention to the site’s new promotions and make use of them, especially if they’re limited;
  • Don’t Immediately Withdraw New Skins. Remember about the site’s features like skin upgrade, trade, etc. Investing your skins into them often results in a profit.

Just think about these tips when preparing for case opening. Incorporating them should be elementary.


In our practical experience, a choice of a CS GO case opening site directly impacts your experience. The quality of your experience is ensured now. Just pick one of the sites we present, claim its exclusive promo code, and enjoy a world of browser case openings.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
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