FarmSkins Promo Code

FarmSkins Promo Code

REDEEM Code: "csgobettings"
Bonus: Get Free $1
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Farmskins is a case-opening site with many unique features. They include custom boxes, case battles to fight other openers, upgrades to turn your irrelevant skins into valuable items, and bonuses. They give you free cases, cash, and giveaway rewards. Claim Bonus
➡️Promo Code csgobettings
✌️Bonus Free $1

How to Apply a Farmskins Promo Code?

Code for Farmskins is specified for newcomers, which means you can activate it even if you’re doing it for the first time:

farmskins promocodes

  • Log into your Steam account and confirm it via your email;
  • Press the triple-dot button in the upper right and go to the “Promocode” section;

farmskins bonus

  • Input a “csgobettings” promo code and click “Use.”

code for farmskins

The code rewards you with $1, which is enough for several cases like Top Guns. They contain Glock Fade, Deagle Blaze, USP Kill Confirmed, Five Seven Hyper Beast, and other skins.

Can’t redeem a promo code? The common reason for that is insufficient Steam level, which must be 1. To reach it, purchase anything on Steam. To spend less, buy a cheap item from the market or a discounted game.

Main Farmskins Promotions & and Site’s Features

Farmskins presents several different bonuses and features, they reward you with skins, cash, and boxes.

Free Case on Farmskins

Right after registration, you will get a free case. Next, you receive one per day. If you don’t deposit, free cases are available only for 3 days.

farmskins review

The free case has a leveling system. You must deposit to gain a new level and receive free cases for 7 more days. You can’t increase your level via Skin2pay payments.

The free case contains 60 skins. They include M4A4 Asiimov, AWP Containment Breach, AWP Wildfire, Deagle Blue Ply, SSG Mainframe 001, Galil Sage Spray, and other cool items. Indeed, it’s quite difficult to get the rarest skins. Still, it’s possible, which you can make sure of in the “Top Drops” strip.

Farmskins Affiliate Program

Farmskins offers its clients the opportunity to become Farmskins affiliates. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the “Partner” tab in the upper panel;
  2. Share an affiliate code or affiliate link with your subscribers or friends;
  3. If your invitees use a code, they must redeem it in their profile, as explained in the “How to Use Farmskins Promo Code?” section. If they use a link, they just open it and follow instructions.

Once activated, your and your invitee’s accounts are linked. Each time an invitee deposits, you receive a 3% bonus from it, which will grow over time to 7%.

promo code farmskins

Farmskins Giveaways and Gaben’s Store

In addition to case openings, you can also test your luck with Farmskins giveaways. Their prizes are skins. To win them, you must refill your balance or pay with bullets.

farmskins promo code

Bullets are a Farnskins bonus currency you receive for opening cases. Each case opened gives you a 30% chance to get bullets (the amount depends on the case price).

Primarily, you apply bullets in Gaben’s Store. Farmskins regularly changes cases and items inside it. At the time of writing this, you can buy a $50 balance card for 50,000 bullets, a Navaja Knife Tiger Tooth for 167,000, and others.

is farmskins safe

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Published on: December 6, 2019 Last updated on: July 10, 2024

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