CryptoGames Casino Review

CryptoGames Casino Review

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Among many online casinos that offer crypto gambling today, only a handful can reach the heights of success in the competitive world. After analyzing many reviews from the mass online gamblers, we have found the ultimate spots for crypto gambling in a new standard. Casinos that run online usually have digital transaction systems to offer modern facilities for the players. However, within the past couple of years, especially during the time of the Pandemic, the use of Cryptocurrencies in various online casinos became a new normal. It was so welcomed by online gamblers from all across the world that now every other day a new crypto casino is being introduced on the internet. Today we will briefly take you inside the most favored crypto casino named CryptoGames and review how its architecture has been successful to keep up its service quality for days.

cryptogames overview

CryptoGames’ Service and Architecture

To offer profitable entertainment for everyone, CryptoGames enabled transactions through Solana, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 7 more well-recognized cryptocurrencies. It also provides advanced technology to process and verify the bets placed by players. In addition to the advanced technology, it also offers a completely secured system for protecting all funds deposited by the players. Moreover, CryptoGames is also widely recognized for its wide variety of offered games. As of now, there are 9 games in total and they each carry the most reasonable house edges on the internet. The casino also offers many extensive events and features to add more bonus rewards to their players’ accounts. Follow the article till the end to know more about all the services CryptoGames offers for the players.


All Games and Jackpots

The 9 games are all presented with their low house edges and clear guidelines. Some of them come with bigger reward options through progressive jackpots. The games are exclusively offered in the monthly betting contests as well. Out of the 9 games offered at the casino, 8 can be played using all 10 cryptocurrencies from the casino’s list. New players can rest assured of any kind of assistance during their game time. They can also avail assistance through the smart features offered for trickier games. Betting at CryptoGames is made to be fun and smart at the same time. All 9 games are also made with uncomplicated rules, amazing design, and modern sound effects. Here are all 9 games with their brief descriptions:


With a clear set of rules and an impressive list of hotkeys, CryptoGames Dice is one of the most classic betting games on the website. Unlike the traditional Dice game where the cube is rolled to find the result of board games, CryptoGames version lets a player choose between two numbers. The crypto Dice is rolled to predict the bet result. The numbers are generated based on the amount players have placed and the payout multiplier they specify. Each bet has a winning chance of 0.000 to 99.999.


Another version of Dice was introduced to gamblers in 2021. The new version quickly became one of the most played games by beginners. Its completely modern look added more fun to the gambling experience of many players. The game has to be played with the same objective as the original version. However, the result will be shown differently. If a bet is correctly predicted then the result will be shown in the green zone of the slider. A great winning range is also present for DiceV2.


Featuring a 5-reel Slot machine, the classic game has easily understandable guidelines for the winning combinations. Each one of the 7 combinations is made with 5 symbol reels. If a player ends up with any one of the combinations, then they will get a direct win. Slot offers all its players an incredible sum of 49.73% winning chance. The winning combinations are all displayed at the How To Play tab on the game along with their payout amounts.


Although card games sound intimidating to many, Blackjack’s simple guidelines make the game so much easier for all players. Blackjack has a great payout table that is quite profitable for players who have just started looking into card games. Players must try to end the game by earning 21 points from their hand or less than 21 points. If they can beat the house by making the dealer cross 21 points first then they will win immediately.


With great house edge, Roulette is one of the classic games that must be explored to get the true essence of casinos. The game has simple rules for all bets. In Roulette, players have to place the bets on the betting mat, using chips. If a player wants to play multiple chips in one area then they are free to do so. The betting mat can be adjusted with the help of preset neighbors. This means, if a player is unaware of the possibilities that can be found on the betting mat, then they can let the house place all the chips for them.

Video Poker

To increase the entertainment level for the regular Video Poker, CryptoGames has brought three different versions of the game called Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or Better respectively. The three versions are all highly profitable as they each have individual house edge amounts. If a player knows the order of the cards according to their values then they will be able to form their hand for better points. In Video Poker there is a smart feature that helps players to keep or discard any cards of their choice. This feature helps players to randomly pick cards to hold or discard.


This one has a very retro and unique design that contains four different partitions with four different colors. These four colors; green/red/blue/yellow represents the four balls players get to pick to throw. As the setting for the bet is fixed, players can choose their desired color according to the payout multiplier. Then they can drop the ball and watch it slowly reach the bottom. Since the pyramid is pegged, the ball will bounce its way to the bottom. In the end, if it reaches a winning slot, then the player is paid their reward immediately.


For all crypto gamblers, CryptoGames Minesweeper is the most flexible game on the internet right now. Nothing gets better than the easy winning policy of this one. In a 5*5 minefield, players can choose any number of mines to conquer. Then they can also choose to withdraw their rewards without risking them during the game. This means, before they land on a mine, players have the freedom to end the bet and cash out. For Minesweeper, there are no flags to provide hints. Once a good number of boxes can be cleared without hitting a mine, the reward amount increases on its own.


For several specified tickets and 4 specified cryptocurrencies, Lottery is a game that has no rules to master. This means all you have to do to play is buy the ticket and wait for the draw! On top of that, Lottery can be played with a chance of winning high profits without giving anything to the host. Meaning, there is no house edge on the game! To help the players track the ongoing rounds and expect the draws, there is a countdown timer which also shows many more details on the game board. Lottery ticket prices will vary depending on the cryptocurrency you are using. The tickets will be drawn on two days.

Various Cryptocurrencies & Low House Edges

CryptoGames offers various cryptocurrencies that are well known to every fervent crypto user. All games on the website can be played using 10 different cryptocurrencies and the rewards are also given in the chosen cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the rewards from the monthly events are all sent in cryptocurrencies. With the latest update, last year CryptoGames became the first online-based crypto casino that enable a full transaction system for Solana.

All available Cryptocurrencies:



Bitcoin Cash,


Ethereum Classic,





and Dash.

For all the games and mentioned cryptocurrencies, the casino has set a really low house edge that is accessible for all players.

Low House Edges of the Games:

• Dice -1.0%.

• Slot- 1.97%.

• Blackjack- 1.25%.

• Lottery- 0%.

• Roulette- 2.7%.

• Minesweeper- 1.0%.

• Video Poker -2.09%

Jacks or Better- 2.11%.

Tens or Better- 2.08%.

Bonus- 2.09%.

• Plinko – 1.72%

Green Ball- 1.63%.

Red Ball- 1.84%.

Blue Ball- 1.52%.

Yellow Ball- 1.56%.

The Three Jackpots

When it comes to gambling, there is nothing more exciting than winning the bets that fulfill Jackpot conditions and double the rewards! This is why CryptoGames also added progressive jackpots in three games. The casino also made sure that by fulfilling the simple conditions stated below, any player can win more through their 3 progressive jackpots.

Conditions for Roulette Jackpot:

  • Using the same cryptocurrencies, score a 7 in the bets, four times in a row
  • Make sure to win more rewards than the amount placed as a bet

Conditions for a Dice, DiceV2 Jackpot:

  • Earn either 7.777 or 77.777 from a bet’s roll
  • Earn a winning roll for the bets
  • Meet minimum required amounts for both bet and the winning amount
  • Earn 77 in SHA512 after addition and encryption

Complete Easy Sign Up

If you dread lengthy registrations, then CryptoGames’ easy sign-up system will lift your mood in no time! Through this, you will spend the least amount of time processing your account. In the process, you will not have to give any personal information, not even an email address. The whole process can be completed with a username. After the signup, you will get access to almost all functions except crypto transactions. This means you will get to earn Play Money rewards that can be used to test as many games as you want on the casino (minus Lottery).

Easily Accessible Modern Transaction System

Instead of building complicated and fancy transaction systems that seem faulty most of the time, CryptoGames has built a fast transaction system that provides uninterrupted, secure services. It has a versatile list of transaction systems. There is an option to rely on the regular transaction system or the updated transaction systems. It also has an incredibly reliable modern crypto exchange system for all those who like to earn and splurge in many other cryptocurrencies. With the regular system, players are required to create separate addresses for all deposits and withdrawals. For regular “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” or “Exchange”, players need to go to “Your Account” and select the necessary tabs. On the other side, with the new systems for deposits and exchanges, players get to save more time with a flexible approach. Down below we have added a brief description on how to use the new deposit system for credit cards and the crypto exchange system.

  • With credit card deposit – Onramper:

All players who want to deposit fiat currencies can make the deposits in a short time. This will be available to all fully registered players. On the website of the third-party fiat-crypto gateway aggregator, players can buy their preferred cryptocurrencies. The aggregator enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies with various Fiat Currencies. While using the credit card deposits, players must remember that CryptoGames and Onramper are not officially connected. Hence to use the system players need to pass the KYC process and verification on the website and then proceed to make the deposits.

  • With Instant Exchange – ChangeNow:

The new exchange platform called ChangeNOW is a widely reputable crypto to crypto exchange platform among crypto users. The platform was established in 2017. ChangeNOW enables the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies without further complications. This means, without any hassle of registering or owning an account, crypto users can easily exchange their desired cryptocurrencies. The system supports over 250 cryptocurrency exchanges and gives access to the players of CryptoGames for exchanging their currencies.

Additional Features and Services

With the easy registration, all new players get direct access to the customer service which can be enabled through the live chatbox. The customer service ensures that an assistant is always present to guide both new and regular players through any of their queries within the shortest time. To upgrade the access to chatbox, players can aim to earn the VIP memberships that give out full customer service in chatbox. This means VIP players will be able to speak directly to the casino managers for any guidance or discussion. Moreover, new players get to learn about the casino, its games, and features in more depth through the FAQ, Forum, and BLOG sections. These three elements always provide detailed information on the latest changes or updates in the casino. They also provide guidelines for using various strategies and enable the players to talk to others through open discussions. The BLOG always gives immediate updates on any new release. On the other hand, the FORUM allows players to create open threads on any topics where all players can join the discussion and build connections. New players get to thoroughly utilize this advantage to slowly build up their skills for future crypto-based gambling. CryptoGames also pays great heed to their security policies for every player on the website. It protects the crypto funds through the highly secure google 2FA application and SSL encryption. The system makes breach of safety completely impossible for any intruder all while it keeps the user funds untouchable by any outsider. This means, for all kinds of transactions the account holder will be immediately informed and be required to provide confirmation.

VIP Privileges

As you have figured out already, CryptoGames tries to go beyond everyone’s expectations to ensure bigger rewards and sheer entertainment for its gamblers. To take their rewarding standards way above the average, they offer VIP memberships through monthly betting challenges. The exclusive membership offers a great amount of rewards, undeniably exclusive privileges for an entire month! Through the contests, players relish their chances to develop more gambling skills by participating in the games. Listed below are all the VIP privileges that last for an entire month!

  • Lower house edge for Dice game. The amount goes down to 0.8% for an entire month. Which is 20% less than the regular house edge on the casino.
  • Highest priority for all bets (no matter what size) with no server-side delay.
  • Higher limits on all exchanges. This means, for an entire month, VIP players will not have to worry about the third-party exchange as there will be no onsite exchange limit.
  • Access to VIP chatroom where they can be communicating with other VIP players and the managers of the casino.
  • Their very own VIP tag on Chatbox
  • On a VIP player’s birthday, the casino gifts them $100 worth of Bitcoins! This is applicable if the VIP player has completed tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher.
  • Bonus Level in Faucet for more Play Money rewards!
  • Monthly Voucher Drops in the email! The number of received vouchers and the currency will depend on the position of the player on the leader board. Vouchers are dropped randomly on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th week of every month. Vouchers must be redeemed within three months.

Conclusion and Our Final Thoughts

Unlike the majority of online casinos, CryptoGames selflessly aims to be the leader of safe gambling websites. It does everything in its capacity to promote responsible gambling policies to all the players. Their architecture not only features incredible games and systems but also a fair gambling experience with provably fair technology. Through the technology, all bets can be checked immediately after each round. The data is kept public so that all players can check the results and the fairness of the result processing. This policy ensures that no player can rely on cheating for their fruitful results and the system doesn’t remain biased to anyone. The Provably Fair gambling policies’ transparency has won the faith of innumerable players on the internet and it continues to do so every day. In addition, CryptoGames’ necessary precautions have helped players to refrain from developing any addiction towards gambling. With the responsible gambling policy, CryptoGames prove that crypto gambling is a worthy entertainment option that excites thrill-seekers from day to day. From what we have reviewed so far, it can be said without a doubt that CryptoGames has built itself to be one of the most noteworthy crypto casinos without compromising any small or big details. It maintains its top-class standards through a positive and healthy atmosphere that firmly promotes ethical gambling. And on that note, for all novice gamblers and veteran thrill-seekers, we recommend CryptoGames where they are guaranteed to find services that promise an unmatched gambling experience for days to come!

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
Published on: February 27, 2022 Last updated on: February 12, 2024

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