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There is no doubt that video games are one of the most exciting forms of entertainment. There are different types of video games spawning across different themes and storylines. Some of them even have franchises worth millions of dollars.
CS:GO is a multiplayer video game. It is a first-person shooter video game launched in 2012 by its developers: Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game in the counter strike series. 
The game is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, and macOS. The game is regularly updated on some of the platforms mentioned above. CSGO has different game modes. These game modes are up to nine, and they are objective-based. There are two teams in this game, the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. 
Some popular game modes involve counter-terrorists attempting to rescue hostages from the terrorists or stop a bomb explosion. CS:GO allows players to participate in the game on Valve servers dedicated to the user while also allowing them to play on community-hosted servers. Globally, players praised the game.

People also commented specifically on the excellent quality of the gameplay. They praised Global Offensive for the excellent continuity of the counter-strike series. Despite a few complaints about consoles and platform compatibility, CS:GO has a record of 11 million players every month since its launch. It also stands as the most played game on Valve’s Steam platform.
CS:GO has also won an award for the best eSports game. This is due to the games’ active eSports scenes and the continuity of the historic competitions from former games in the series.
CSGO Ranking System

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CS:GO Ranking System

The csgo ranks-csgo ranking system is one worth learning about. Most video games have ranking systems, but counter strike ranks are uniquely challenging. The cs:go ranking system is one whose use is practical yet keeps players emotionally connected to the game as they celebrate their progress. 
Preceding counter strike ranks had one problem: the inability of players to find opponents and teammates having the same play level. When CS:GO was introduced, it solved that problem significantly by allowing matches to last more extended periods and granting players autonomy over their games, which made it more exciting and encouraged intense team fights. 
At certain ranks, some players complain about being kicked out of their levels by higher-ranking players. There’s always a way to avoid this and ensure the player gets the best experience from their level. 
As a player, you may find yourself in the silver category or towering high amongst the elites; one thing is for sure: the ranking system of counter strike is a significant way to quantify your skill within competitive matchmaking. It is built more as an avenue to boost your skills than a challenge. This is why approaching the game with this mindset can help you progress faster than those who are just concerned with moving to the next level. 

CSGO Ranks

CS:GO Ranks

Ranks are found in most video games. It makes the game more exciting and challenging. It’s a target-based system that encourages players to want to play more. Also, these ranking systems allow you to distinguish pro players from amateurs. 
In csgo ranks, completing a competitive match will enable you to earn ELO points. These ELO points are the essential background data that the algorithm uses to determine your rank. Anything and everything you carry out in the game automatically adds to these ELO points. 
Take, for instance, a newbie in csgo, playing for the first time; he’ll have a rank somewhere between Silver III and Gold Nova II. This is a constant, and it tells us your skill range. You’ll usually find yourself paired with players with a similar skill range to compete in a match. 
Although this is a vague example, you must know that it may not always be as straightforward as this. Your base skills like positioning, line-ups, placement, game sense, and movement are what your ranks represent in the game. Mastering your aiming skills is a little secret to climbing the rank ladder faster. It’s vital. 
The ranks in csgo are exciting but also challenging. Players can get more inclined to the game as they progress up their ranks. Although, it is excellent to know that getting to the highest rank of the game is quite profitable to players because there are lots to enjoy from being on that level. 
You can always find guides on how to deal with each rank you find yourself in. Dedicated blogs online can give you valuable tips as you begin your journey up the rank ladder. All you need to do is be willing to follow through, and you’ll surely get the best out of the game. 

What Are the Ranks in CS:GO?

The attainability of ranks, especially higher ones, depends on your skills. Rank and titles change according to how well you’ve developed your skill. Usually, your rank is displayed below your username and on the scoreboard by the right side of your username. You will see this on the screen.
As we’ve already understood, the ranks range from the simple to the elite. And despite the difference in these ranks, one thing that we cannot overemphasize is the time investment of the player. Your gaming skills and ability to climb up the rank depend on how much time you spend on the game. Thus, your game time is a worthwhile investment that pays well in the long run.

There are a total of 18 ranks in CSGO. Below is a table listing them, alongside their abbreviations, from the lowest to the highest rank.

S/N Ranks Abbreviations 
1 Silver I S1
2 Silver II CSGO S2
3 Silver III S3
4 Silver IV S4
5 Silver Elite SE
6 Silver Elite Master  SEM
7 Gold Nova I GN1
8 Gold Nova II GN2
9 Gold Nova III GN3
10 Gold Nova Master  GNM
11 Master Guardian I  MG1
12 Master Guardian II  MG2
13 Master Guardian Elite  MGE
14 Distinguished Master Guardian CSGO DMG
15 Legendary Eagle LE
16 Legendary Eagle Master LEM CSGO
17 Supreme Master First Class SMFC
18 Global Elite CSGO GE

The higher the rank, the more advantages you are open to, making your gaming more exciting and worthwhile. 

How Does CS:GO Rank Work

Now, you may wonder, how does csgo rank work? After learning about the ranking system and what it’s about, we discovered that CS:GO ranks are both highly competitive and easily attainable. The ranks depend on the wins and the losses accrued directly in the competitive matches. Winning the game increases the rank via increased ratings. However, your ratings reduce when you lose a game, and your rank might be demoted. 
The csgo rank is easy to understand if you pay good attention to it, especially in the early ranks. The MMR numbers of gamers aren’t revealed by CSGO, even to them. The only things revealed by the game about the players are their ranks or medals. Losing a game reduces your MMR, while winning one helps to increase it. 
And going further in this exploration of all csgo ranks, you’ll do well to note that matchmaking in this game is beyond identifying wins and losses. The algorithm will also consider things like MVPs count, the number of bomb plants, your KDA, etc. So you see, it’s essential to winning, but it’s not the sole determinant of the algorithm’s calculations on your total performance. 
This means that losses are not an entirely bad thing in competitions. The most important thing is that you put in your best and touch all the necessary parts in your match. 

How to Get Your First Rank?

Understanding the csgo ranks would make you eager to attempt the journey because it’s fun and challenging. Plus, you’d build your skills so well that you’d become a pro in no time. 
Getting your first rank isn’t exactly a difficult feat to accomplish. Now here’s what you must remember: a rank is simply a sign of your skills. Therefore if you’re not playing regularly, you probably won’t get anywhere. 
As a new player on csgo, you’d have to put in the work. The csgo levels range from 1 to 40, and you get rewarded with service medals and skin drops once you complete a level. These rewards result from the time you’ve put into the game. Over time, these medals change color every forty times a player ranks higher, just like the prestige system in COD. 
To unlock competitive matchmaking, a player has to reach level 2 first by playing any game mode. The game mode could be Demolition, Danger Zone, Deathmatch, Casual, etc. Once you attain this level, you’ll be granted permission to access matchmaking, where you can find some of the finest players in CS:GO. 
Also, note that your rank won’t be visible until you have won ten competitive matches. You’ll discover that you’re placed in mixed games where you’ll have to play with other players from different ranks. Although, naturally, you’ll remain in the lower levels until you’re almost done with your placement. 
Playing on a new account restricts you to some competitive wins in a day until you get to the 10th. This system was introduced by Valve to tackle smurfing, which high-ranking players do. If you can get two wins every day, this means at the end of 5 days. After winning ten matches, your group will appear. That group is called your skill group. You’ll find your username on the start-up screen and match scoreboards as soon as you’ve got your skills and stripes. Your team’s ranks are only visible when you’re at a party together. 

All CSGO Ranks in Order

In csgo, although there are 18 ranks, these ranks are categorized in specific orders by the kind of players found in each level. We’ve established earlier in this article how ranking in csgo is more skill-based than just completing levels and climbing up the rank ladder. Therefore, we will split the ranks into orders and explain the skill level of the players according to these ranks. 

The Silver Rank: Comprises the Silver ranks, from Silver I to Silver Elite Master. In this rank, players are primarily newbies who are yet to gain mastery of the game. You’ll find high-ranking players using alternate accounts. This makes it difficult for the newbies here to make it out of the level. 

The Gold Rank: The Gold rank consists of Gold Nova I to Gold Nova IV. Gold Nova is a level where players learn more about the game but have already experienced a level. They learn about the cgso economy, smokes, pop flashes, etc. Most players in this category may be good at aiming but not yet adequately aware of other game tactics. 

The Master Guardian Rank: Ranging from Master Guardian 1 to Distinguished Master Guardian, these players have advanced knowledge of the game, and their skills have been well-honed to a respectable level. Although there’s still more to learn, they are already established at their level. 

Highest Level Rank: This is between Legendary Eagle and Global Elite. These are the highest ranks in the game. Once you get here, it means you’ve completed tons of levels, understand the game thoroughly, are good at team control, and understand the economy and other aspects, especially when you make it to the level of Global Elite. 

CS:GO Rank Distribution

Rank distribution is an analysis done to show active gamers, their ranks, and their progress over time. It may be a week, a month, and even a day. Specialists collect this data via sampled matches done randomly. When the catchment period is extended, an idea of how the ranks or categories are arranged is derived.
Learning about rank distribution is helpful to players who want to increase their cgso rank and master the various levels. An analysis such as this gives the insight needed to study the ranking problem and how you might overcome it. Many players will find this helpful, even pro players who are looking to coach other players in the game. 
Looking at the chart above, it is evident that most of the players are in the Gold Nova bracket, having about 34% of players here. Players that have successfully attained Legendary Eagle are estimated to be among the top 10% of players or probably even higher. The sampling technique used in this analysis tells us that high-ranking players are more likely to be disproportionately sampled. 
Although there have been issues regarding the authenticity of the csgo distribution around certain regions, many people believe it is impossible to leave the gold nova/master guardian’s middle curve because they believe some form of rigging is taking place. This isn’t an issue because, even though these levels are hard to beat, there are strategic moves a player can make to get over them. And also, there’s the price of time most players aren’t willing to pay. Other than this, the game’s rules are fair and straightforward. 


CS:GO, as we’ve come to understand, is not just a video game but has outstandingly proved itself to be a game that has influenced the gaming industry and attracted many players. If you’re a new player, you’ll enjoy the game as long as you dedicate time to moving up the ranks and becoming a pro. 

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Lastly, as a new player, you should get more team players on your side. Randomly playing with different players will put you at a disadvantage. This is another trick to scaling up the ranks faster. Having a group of people who enjoy playing; working together with them will surely benefit you and even them in the long run. 

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