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Naturally, anybody who wagers on a CSGO skin betting site plays with the hopes of winning and the players at CSGOEmpire are no different. Players are always looking for an edge or some kind of strategy that will ensure they come out ahead. Speaking bluntly, there is no system or strategy that will ensure you walk away from a winner every time. If there were then there would be no casinos. However, there are definitely some things players can do to improve their chances of coming out ahead.

CSGOEmpire Script

The first thing to consider is the site where you are playing. At CSGOEmpire legit games using the proprietary script are on offer. The games on the site are on a provably fair system. In other words, players can verify that games are random and fair. CSGOEmpire has a section of their site that explains how the provably fair system works and how players can verify the outcome of games for themselves. Click on the “Fairness” link at the top of the page. In addition to using a provably fair system, CSGOEmpire is licensed and regulated by the laws of Curacao and is one of the older CSGO betting sites around. Playing at a reputable site where the games of chance are fair for players is the first step to winning.

CSGOEmpire Odds

The odds of winning at CSGOEmpire depend on the game that you are playing. The best odds you will find are on the CSGO Coinflip game. Coinflip is actually a player versus player game in which two players bet on the toss of a virtual coin. The player who correctly predicts which side of the coin comes up wins the bet. Coinflip’s odds are essentially 50-50. CSGOEmpire takes a small percentage as commission. Another popular game on the site is CSGO Roulette. It differs from traditional Roulette in that there are only 15 slots on the wheel, 7 for “Terrorist”, 7 for “Counter-Terrorist” and 1 for “Empire” represented by a pair of dice. Players are presented with only 3 betting options, those being Terrorist, Counter-Terrorist or Empire. A winning bet on Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist pays off at 2 to 1 so you get back double your original stake. Empire pays 14 to 1 on winning bets. The odds on both Coinflip and Roulette are the same as those found on other reputable CSGO betting sites. CSGOEmpire also offers CSGO match betting. The odds on matches vary depending on the teams playing and are competitive with the odds on similar sites.

Roulette Strategies

At CSGOEmpire Roulette is probably the most popular betting game. While this is a game based purely on chance that you have no control over, there are several well-known strategies that players often use.

  • Martingale System: Players using the Martingale system start with a small bet. When the player loses a bet, the stake is doubled. If the player wins they return to their original stake. For example bet 1 (lose), bet 2 (lose), bet 4 (lose), bet 8 (lose), bet 16 (win), bet 1. The theory behind this is that when a winning bet is made all losses are recovered plus you win the amount of your original stake. The major drawback of the system is that if you experience a large number of losses in a row, doubling your bet each time, the amount you are betting can become quite substantial and exceed the amount of your bankroll.
  • D’Alembert System: In this system, players choose a starting bet. After each loss, they increase their bet by 1 and after each win, they decrease their bet by 1. For example with 10 as a starting wager bet 10 (lose), bet 11 (lose), bet 12 (win), bet 11 (lose), bet 12 (win), bet 11 (win), bet 10 (lose), bet 11 (win). You have here an equal number of wins and losses but you come out ahead by 4 if you run the numbers (-10-11+12-11+12+11-10+11=4). As long as your number of wins is equal to the number of losses you will be ahead. There is less potential for a big loss than with the Martingale system.
  • Paroli System: This is sometimes known as the Reverse Martingale System. Players start with an original bet. If they win a wager they double their stake and as long as they are winning they continue to double. If they lose they return to their original stake. For example bet 1 (win), bet 2 (win), bet 4 (win), bet 8 (lose), bet 1. The theory here is that wins and losses run in streaks and you should ride a winning streak. The drawback is if you try to ride a streak too long you can wipe out your winnings in a single spin.

These strategies have all been used with varying degrees of success.

Tips on How to Win at CSGOEmpire

While systems aren’t perfect and have flaws and a win is never guaranteed there are a few tips we can pass along to improve your chances of coming out ahead.

  • Make use of bonuses: Use CSGOEmpire codes to claim bonuses and take advantage of promos like coin rain. You are essentially betting with free coins so no risk.
  • Stick to your budget: Set an amount you can afford and don’t exceed that amount. Know when to stop.
  • Know the game: Get to know the games and odds by familiarizing yourself with them.


How to win CSGOEmpire games?

Go with the odds. Look for the bets with more favorable odds. While there is less chance of a big score you are more likely to win. Also, manage your budget wisely.

Where to find a winning strategy?

There is no strategy or system that guarantees a win. You can find several strategies that have been used with some success right here. The systems discussed above remain popular with many gamblers. Start small when trying out a new strategy and recognize its flaws.

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