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Fans and dedicated players of CSGO may be interested it is actually possible to earn money through this popular e-sport. Our article discusses how to make money in CS GO in a variety of different ways including tournaments, skins, betting on professional CSGO matches and other methods.

How to Make Profit Playing CS GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a hugely popular first person shooter with a dedicated fan base. You may have spent a lot of time playing CSGO yourself and are a fan. For whatever reason you have decided it would be a good idea to learn how to make real money with CSGO. Is it possible? It absolutely is. There are plenty of people who have and still are earning money from CSGO. We will discuss several of the methods that people can use to earn cash from CSGO.

Cash for CSGO Skins

Skins, sometimes referred to as finishes are cosmetic additions to weapons in CSGO but have no game-play function. They were originally intended to encourage players to trade with each other and help in building up the player community. Due to rarity and other qualities some skins were in high demand and became worth a great deal of money. There are now sites online where you can sell skins for cash. You can earn skins through random drops playing online, by opening weapon and promotional containers, trade up contracts or by buying them outright. The problem with earning from skins is you don’t know what you are going to get in a random drop or when you buy a key for a crate. The skins market also fluctuates and when you sell skins for cash there is likely to be a hefty commission.

CSGO 1vs1s

CSGO 1v1 is as the name suggests going 1 on 1 with your opponent. There are some 1v1 leagues, competitions and ladders around where you can win prizes and even some cash if you are good enough. There isn’t often a great deal of money involved and prizes are more likely to be items than money. You also need to have pretty good skills

CSGO Tournaments

If you are a good enough player you can compete in CSGO tournaments that offer cash prizes. There are quite a few of these but you must have reached a certain skill level to get into the bigger tournaments.

Professional CSGO Player

For those who have the skill there is money to be earned as a professional CSGO player. To be a pro player you have to be better than good. It is super competitive and CSGO becomes your job rather than a hobby.

Stream CSGO on YouTube

You can also earn money from CSGO by creating content for YouTube. This takes time and effort, but you can earn through sponsorships and advertising if you build an audience of large numbers. Many people who post content on YouTube earn nothing because it is a competitive field.

Sell Your CSGO Account

You can earn money by selling your CSGO account, but it is frowned upon by the community. If Valve finds out about it, they will ban you and the account. It is probably not a good idea.

Betting on CSGO


CSGO betting on real money gambling sites is probably the best way to earn money from the game. A player familiar with the game has a big advantage when it comes to CSGO betting on matches and that advantage becomes bigger if they are a fan with knowledge of the various teams and players. As with anything, betting on CSGO requires a bit of time and effort if you want to become good at it. However, it will take far less time to learn about wagering on CSGO intelligently than it would to become a top competitive player.

Earning Money from CSGO Bets

It isn’t likely that you will hop on to a betting site such as Thunderpick and start placing winning wagers consistently if you don’t know anything about CSGO betting. You don’t have to be a good player but you should be very familiar with the game. It is also important to have as much knowledge and information as possible about the teams and players you are betting on. is a great place to find stats on players and teams as well as other CSGO information. Also watch a lot of matches to pick up strategies and to become familiar with different teams. Twitch is one of the best places for this.

Good CSGO Betting Sites

There are several things you want to look at when you are making a CSGO betting websites list as not all sites are created equal. You will want to know how hard/easy is it to deposit money and withdraw winnings from your account. For example Betway esports is one of the CSGO PayPal Betting Sites as well as providing numerous other methods for deposit and withdrawal. You will also want to bet on sites that offer a wide selection of CSGO matches and betting markets. and GGbet are sites dedicated to e-sports that offer plenty of CSGO betting action. Lootbet is another site that focuses on e-sports with plenty of CSGO matches and markets. Any good site should have the proper license as well.

Best Method to Earn Money from CSGO

As you can see there are plenty of different ways to earn money from CSGO. After realistically considering all the methods discussed here it is apparent that betting intelligently on CSGO is the most likely of the discussed methods to earn money. Skins are inconsistent and earning as a player you would likely have to invest thousands of hours to approach the necessary skill level. YouTube streaming also requires a big time investment and if you don’t gain the necessary views you gain nothing. For a fraction of the time you can gain the knowledge to win CSGO bets consistently. Start small, bet intelligently and enjoy earning from CSGO.

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