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Are you interested in learning more about our hypedrop review? You’re in the right place. This guide has all you need to know if the site is legit? the site’s free box, discount coupon, and prepaid gift card! Keep it here!

  • Fairness is upfront and center when it comes to the chances of winning higher-value prizes. There is a chance for each item to be unboxed.
  • Instead of losing your money, you get a predetermined reward, even if it’s just a keychain or a decal.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to use the service.
  • Their blog is a great way to stay in contact. Even reply to criticism and suggestions for improvement.
  • It’s quite unlikely that you’ll find something worth more than the deposit you put down. Because of this, in 99.9% of circumstances, you can expect to find $2.99 shoelaces in a $2.99 package.
  • You are responsible for the shipping costs.
  • They might substitute another item if you requested it is out of stock.

This guide will tell us if HypeDrop is real or fraud if it offers custom-oriented features like free bonuses and whether it’s secure for everyone. We’ll go through the basics of the platform and show you how to get the most out of it by making the most of the information we provide.

As a player, you’ve probably heard of loot boxes containing valuable game-related items. But still, loot boxes may be obtained in real life. HypeDrop users may get real-life loot boxes filled with fantastic goodies with only a few mouse clicks. The greatest presents for hypebeasts are waiting for you at HypeDrop, regardless of how much money you put down for your surprise box.

With HypeDrop, you may try your luck and win some prizes with either a small or large deposit. However, the developers claim to have rectified the internet mystery box market by substituting odd products with amazing Hypebeast merchandise. Even if you do not receive a fortune, you are unlikely to receive anything less than your value.

What Is HypeDrop?

HypeDrop has been one of the best addition to the online mystery box genre. It is one of the best rust gambling sites available to anybody over 18 and is completely free. Since its introduction, the site has attracted much attention since it includes several unique features that set it apart. When you order a virtual box, you don’t have to wait until it arrives at your door to find out what it contains. With the platform, you can virtually open the box before it is delivered to you to see what’s inside.

When the site tells you what you have, you may trade it for something different or redeem the package. You may rest assured that the package you purchase will always contain anything. As stated on the website, it might be anything from a new pair of shoes to PS5 to even high-quality mystery boxes. A lack of openness on the platform’s part is a concern for the ultimate goal of delivering the best possible service to its users. They also have a top-notch support system that guarantees that promptly and properly customer questions. With the foundations down, let’s take a closer look at how HypeDrop functions.

How Does HypeDrop Work?

To begin, create an account on the HypeDrop website and load your wallet with some cash. Due to the platform’s support for a wide range of payment methods, making a deposit is a breeze. Additionally, HypeDrop cards, which can be found on many websites like Gamivo, may be used to top up your account. It only demonstrates how dedicated the website is to make online shopping as simple as possible for its visitors.

Once you’ve made a deposit, you’ll be able to peruse the site’s many mystery boxes and make your selection. Take a look at what is in the package before making a purchase. When a user opens a box on the site, they are shown all of the different products that they may get. It’s a terrific concept since it demonstrates that the site is legitimate and does not want to defraud its customers.

After purchasing the box, you are under no obligation to use the contents within. You may utilize the site’s fantastic function to swap out the contents of your opened box with something new at any time. HypeDrop Store credits may also be earned by trading in your stuff. Thus, you will purchase more boxes and have a second opportunity to obtain the stuff you desire from a different box. But if you find what you want, you may click the Redeem button and have it mailed to you right away. The process is simple, secure, and straightforward.

Mystery Boxes

What exactly is a mystery box? It’s a collection of objects that can be unpacked for a specific fee. People may get their hands on high-end goods at low prices by participating in a consignment shop. Some people may define it as the thrill of the unknown, the thrill of the unwrapping, and the anxious expectation of what lies ahead. HypeDrop carries only the most sought-after and unique goods. Their procedures may be proven to be fair, and as an internet service provider, they’ll show you your thing before you cash it from your account. The point is that if you prefer to trade, you may do so. And to top it all off, the lowest item they sell is always priced at the same level as the box itself.

Which Mystery Boxes are Available?

It’s difficult to keep track of all of the Mystery Boxes available, significantly when they change so frequently. This is mainly because many mystery boxes are available only on rare occasions or for a limited period. Here are offerings from Mystery Boxes listed below that may interest you. However, there can be no assurance that the service will always be available or even complete.

Mystery box: Feel-Good Box

A surprise box devoted to health and wellness is included in the feel-good box, available through mail-order pharmacies. It is never known what is contained within them.

Mystery Box: Brandnooz Box

There’s been no better company than brandnooz for years when it comes to mystery food boxes. Boxes and promotions for various holidays and events are continually being introduced. If you have any preferences or dislikes, these will be considered when determining the price of the items.

Mystery Box: Degusta Box

It’s worth noting that the Degusta Box works on a similar concept. There are a lot of new food goods and other kitchen-related items to choose from in this category.

Mystery Box: Black Box

The Pink Box is a subscription-based service for ladies, and the Black Box is a smaller version tailored to males. It is presently only provided once a year and cannot be purchased as a subscription.

Mystery Box: Nice for Me Box

The Schön für mich box is a limited-edition offering from a pharmacy company.   Beauty and beauty goods are included in this collection.

Mystery Box: McDonald’s Mystery Boxes

McDonald’s is now reintroducing the practice of collecting glasses from diners as part of its menu offerings. After you open it, you’ll learn which one it is.

Mystery Box: My Toy Box

The package that came from My toy collection is geared at youngsters. Every month, a package of toys is delivered to the house of a child whose parents have specified this age range.

Bonus & Promo Codes

E-sports gamblers who have been around for a long time are well aware of bonuses’ prevalence. And if you’re new in the gaming world, you find these perks more commonly.  With each passing day, joining online gambling means receiving some incentive, whether it’s an online casino, sportsbook, or website that sends out mystery boxes to players. Operators survive off of their customers’ activity, and one way they do this is by offering new customers exciting incentive offers.

HypeDrop offers new members three free boxes and a 5% incentive on cash deposits or free money when they sign up for the service. Just log in with your Google, Facebook, or Steam account. Add the hypedrop referral code “CSGOBETTINGS” and get free 3 boxes + 5% bonus on cash deposits or free money. You’ll then immediately receive your complimentary boxes and a 5% incentive.

Gift Card

You can choose to have your Gift Card delivered in one of two ways: via email or Facebook Messenger. The gift card will be handed out in a random amount! All other details will be written on a simple note inside the box.

Free Box Code

Just by joining up, you’ll be eligible for a free box! Even if you don’t mind that some of them are worth just $0.99. Uploading a well-received tale is another method to earn one of the most sought-after boxes for free. You must follow their social media accounts regularly to get the csgoempire code.

Games & Software

Here are some of the games that Hypedrop offers:

Rainbow Six: Extraction

Rainbow Six: Extraction is a spin-off of Ubisoft’s blockbuster Rainbow Six: Siege, originally titled Quarantine. You know, the one that made the lockdown a little more tolerable? To combat a parasitic extraterrestrial danger, players will band together with other operators in the same world.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

With Pokemon: Go, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and the recent revival of Pokemon Cards, Arceus is poised to upend the well-established (but popular) formula for the franchise’s next big release. To compile the region’s first Pokedex, players will survey, catch, and study the many kinds of Pokemon.

In the Horizon Forbidden West

This summer’s long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn is finally here. A post-apocalyptic San Fransisco awaits gamers who join Aloy on her journey across the Forbidden West and its many perils.

Sites Like Hypedrop

There are several approaches to determine the reliability of a website. These might involve confirming their license and reviewing customer reviews to obtain a sense of their reputation. However, checking at a website’s same sites may provide a wealth of information about its operation. A reputable and trustworthy website is more likely to be associated with another authentic and trustworthy website.

Hypedrop also works with CSGORoll, which has a comparable roobet promo code and similar quality of service. According to its customer evaluations and other evidence we found after using the service, it appears completely authentic.

DrakeMall focuses more on technology and games. If you’re looking to test out online mystery boxes, I’d say this is the best option because of the huge freebie offer. In t his way, you won’t have to fork up a lot of money to get to know the game.

Check out Hybe.com if you’re more of a fashionista. They feature a wide variety of outfits, shoes, and accessories. An intriguing T-shirt might be yours even if you miss out on a Louis Vuitton bag!

Deposit Methods

When it comes to paying for mystery boxes on HypeDrop, convenience and reliability are essential. The best thing is that this website has fulfilled that.  As a result, these websites must accept various payment options well-liked by their target audience. We believe that HypeDrop accomplishes this goal.

All of the main credit cards, PayPal, Paysafecard, and gift cards, are accepted on the website to pay your mystery boxes. You can also fund using cryptocurrency.  As a result, the website accepts deposits in the following currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Depending on the coin you’re using and its current market value, the minimum deposit is anywhere from 0.0002 to 0.0001. Unhappy with an unboxed item? HypeDrop will refund the whole purchase price in bitcoin, beginning at $50, less an additional 2% processing charge.

Payment and Withdrawals

To withdraw a product from your cart, it must be accessible in your cart. To begin, navigate to the top-up portion of your basket and choose the ‘withdraw’ option; next, select your products, double-check that your address is typed correctly, and submit your withdrawal request.

Customer Support

A website’s customer service is one of the most important aspects of its overall performance. As soon as you find issues, you should immediately get support from an operator. This is why the top websites have various customer care options that enable consumers to resolve their concerns.

HypeDrop assists with their 24-hour email support. Although answers may take longer if the service is overloaded, you will often receive a response within a day or two. The customer service representatives are kind, experienced, and eager to assist you with any issues you may have. Additionally, the website features a comprehensive FAQ section that answers frequently asked concerns regarding HypeDrop.

Is Hypedrop Legit or a Scam?

Yes. Hypedrop has social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they offer comments and reviews regularly. Additionally, there is a Trustpilot page with 715 ratings and a score of 4,6. Most people point the finger at HypeDrop and other online Mystery boxes for failing to deliver a high-quality reward. However, no one would hold the casino liable if a patron lost $400 at the casino.

HypeDrop is one of the greatest mystery box websites we’ve tested for this review. When we looked into mystery box services, we found that none offered refunds/exchanges. However, with HypeDrop, you have complete freedom to swap as many times as you wish.

Customers rave about the platform’s excellent customer support. You can always contact them by live chat, support ticket, or email if you run into any problems with the site. The platform has a wide range of services available to ensure that the customer’s experience goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re a fan of the excitement of receiving a surprise package in the mail, then HypeDrop is the place for you.

It’s safe to use HypeDrop Services without fear of scamming. Since the platform’s proprietors have ensured that the site’s functioning is as clear as feasible. Once you open the box, you’ll always know what’s inside, and if you’re not interested in an item, you can always choose to exchange it for something else.

This ensures that the user’s experience of opening the package is as pleasant as possible. This website has a variety of mystery boxes to choose from. It’s possible to buy a $10 mystery box, as well as a $1000 one. The Shipping Policy part of the website includes information about the site’s shipping policies.


It’s hard to find anything bad to say about our time with HypeDrop csgo gambling. HypeDrop’s cons section was difficult to write because there aren’t many disadvantages to discuss. It is the most incredible mystery box website we’ve ever seen in customer service, delivery, and value for money. If you don’t like the goods, you may withdraw the entire amount in cryptocurrency! This is a great feature!

All in all, it’s a pleasant website to visit if you don’t have high expectations. With a $3 deposit, I strongly advise that you not anticipate winning an iPhone 12 or Balenciaga shoes. Will you? There is a little probability of it. A superb tenth sticker is an excellent reward for your hard work, so keep this in mind. Make sure you’re not addicted to gambling before you start using it. If you do, all of this excitement may not be in your favor.


How do you use a gift card to top up my account?

You will receive an email confirmation with information on how to activate your code if you opt to top up with a gift card. Contact the hypedrop support team at [email protected] if you have any difficulties processing your payment. They’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is hypedrop fair?

It’s a resounding yes. The hypeDrop website attributes fairness and authenticity. This guarantees that the Mystery Box business continues to be enjoyable for everyone.

Author: Mary S Colbert
Chief Content Editor
Mary S Colbert is a Chief Content Editor at csgobettings.gg, specializing in CSGO with over 8 years of experience as an e-sports analyst. Her informative articles on the game have made her a go-to resource for fans and her expertise is widely respected within the industry.
Published on: February 22, 2022 Last updated on: July 14, 2024

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