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Our Roos answered our call! They will bring the Roobet Cup 2023 this November. The inaugural tournament last year was mind-blowing. We expected even more this year.

Sixteen teams from around the world will take up arms and run for glory between October 25 and November 2, 2023. Eight of these teams will share a prize pool of $250,000. While everything else will be similar to last year, they will be battling out in the new and improved Counter-Strike 2!

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The competition will include group stages and playoffs. In the group stage, there will be four double-elimination format groups, with each group having four teams. Two top teams from each group will proceed to the playoff stage. The playoffs will use a single-elimination bracket. All the matches are best-of-three series.

On the other hand, the betting options will be available at most CS2 gambling sites. Roobet will also offer an extensive list of betting options, raffles, and other features, as we shall discuss later.

You can catch all the action in the sports section on the Roobet website. It will bring you all the action and betting options available, some of which we have explored in this article.

Raffle, Tickets, Wins, and Skins

Everyone who’s even remotely familiar with CSGO knows how excited getting a new weapon skin can make us feel. We know it, and the Roobet Cup Raffle hints that the Roos are in the same boat as us.

For every $10 (or more) that you bet on the Roobet Cup, you’ll also get one raffle ticket. Once the cup is over, five of these tickets will be randomly selected, and whoever owns one could be in for a treat.

With a prize of $5,000 in CS2 skins and an additional $1,000 for a limited edition Roobet Cup merch from the Roobet Style store, those tickets keep looking better and better.

Roobet Cup Raffle:

  • Win one ticket for every bet of $10 or more
  • Be one of the five lucky winners
  • Spit the prize of $25,000 worth of skins for CS2
  • Get official Roobet Cup merch worth $1,000

Do not miss all these offers, in addition to the wins you make at the site. There are multiple ways to walk home with the prizes. If you run an old account, you can also enjoy some free offers with a Roobet code for old accounts.

Betting Options for the Roobet Cup

One of the exciting things about CSGO betting is that it has several markets for betting. This means that you have unlimited options for making cash. Besides, you can check the eligible Roobet promo code for use in CSGO betting. Roobet also offers rarer CSGO bets alongside the common options.

Some of the betting markets that you will be looking for the Roobet Cup will include

  • Winner of the CSGO match at hand
  • Bet on the winner of a single CSGO map
  • Handicap bet on the match winner
  • Bet on the correct scores
  • Bet on the number of maps that a team will win in various bets
  • Check the rounds won on the map for handicap betting
  • Overtime and drawn-game betting
  • Under/overbetting on the total rounds played on the map
  • The Cup winner market

The number of markets available for betting will vary from one game to the next. If you are a Canadian player, you may also want to look at the Roobet promo for Canadian players. There are several other offers waiting for you on the website.

Protect Your Bets with Roobet Cup First Map Insurance

In addition to the raffle and its tickets, all of your bets of $10 and more can be insured. Insured bets will return up to $100 of your wager in case something doesn’t go the way you’ve planned.

To ensure your bet, it needs to be pre-placed on a game in the winning market with odds of 1.70 or higher. Make sure that it’s a single bet, as those are the only ones that qualify.

If that’s taken care of, all your favorite needs to do is win the first map, and your bet is officially insured. This means that even if they lose the game and you fail the bet, you’re still getting your wager back as a free bet, allowing you to try again.

Roobet Cup First Map Insurance:

  • Bet on the winner market of the Roobet Cup
  • Pre-match, single bets of $10+ with 1.70+ odds
  • Your pick must win the first map
  • Get up to $100 if they lose the match

Insurance is a superb way to ensure that you do not lose your bet if your pick loses the event but meets specific conditions. Consider insuring your bets as explained above to enhance your winning potential.

Don’t miss out, visit Roobet now!

If you haven’t signed up yet, this is a great time to do that. Hop on over and check out what Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino has to offer you. Be a part of the Roobet Cup, experience the thrill of the game, and grab some merch while you’re at it! When the Roobet Cup comes up, get all these prizes up for grabs and go home smiling. Do not forget to use Roobet free spins once you join the platform to have more fun at a lower risk.

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